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Man scales Lincoln Park Zoo fence to lion enclosure

Man scaled a fence at Lincoln Park Zoo Sunday morning that put him one step closer to being inside the lion exhibit than the public is meant to go, but a zoo spokeswoman said he was not in any danger.
Jillian Braun said the man “breached” the fence, but she added, “He never entered the exhibit, and he never shared space with the lions.”
“I don’t know if he jumped or climbed, but he breached the metal fence barrier,” Braun said.
For onlookers, it may have appeared as if the man, who police have not identified, was inside the exhibit, but he was not, Braun said. She explained that there is the public viewing area, then the fence, then a moat on the other side of the fence; the moat is not filled with water. The way the area is set up, she explained, the lions could not have gotten to him.
“It can be hard to understand if you can’t picture it. There are four areas: the moat, the exhibit, the indoor exhibit and behind the scenes. The lions are not able to access the area where he was,” Braun said, adding that the moat is on a different level of the exhibit space than where the man was standing after scaling the fence.
After police officers arrived, the man went back over the fence to the public viewing area. Braun wasn't sure what happened to the man after he exited the zoo, and police did not say whether he was questioned. It wasn't immediately clear what caused the man to go over the fence.
Braun said she can’t remember any other instance of a visitor to the free zoo attempting to get past a partition.

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