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Forbes reveals highest earning celebrity of the year - and surprisingly it's not Kim Kardashian!

1. Sean "Diddy" Combs - $130m (£102m)

Sean 'Diddy' Combs got the number one spot 
Grammy award-winning rapper Combs used to be best known for best-selling albums such as No Way Out and Forever.
But the entrepreneur's business interests have catapulted him into the big time, and he's jumped from number 22 in last year's list to nab this year's top spot.

2. Beyonce Knowles - $105m (£82.7m)

Beyonce beat her husband by 53 places 
Queen Bey needs no introduction but she's made a big leap up the chart, from number 34 last year.
That's largely due to profits from her Formation tour and her most recent album Lemonade.

3. JK Rowling - $95m (£74.8m)

JK Rowling returned to the top 100 
JK Rowling returns to the top 100, thanks to the publication of the two-part play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and the film release of Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

4. Drake - $94m (£74.06m)

Drake has had a lot of endorsements 
The Canadian hip hop star has jumped from number 69 to number four, more than doubling his fortune through touring and endorsements with the likes of Nike, Sprite and Apple.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo - $93m (£73.2m)

Ronaldo celebrates one of his two strikes for Real Madrid in the Champions League final 
The Real Madrid footy star drops just one place on this year's list.
On top of his soccer earnings, the current Fifa world player of the year also has a line of branded products including underwear and jeans, plus a lifetime deal with Nike.

6. The Weeknd - $92m (£72.45m)

The Weeknd cracked the top 10 for the first time 
The Weeknd has cracked the top 10 for the first time, having made it to number 30 last time round.
His latest album, Starboy, had the third-largest debut sales week in the US of 2016.

7. Howard Stern - $90m (£70.86m)

Howard Stern is halfway through a five-year radio contract 
US "shock jock" and self-styled "king of all media" Howard Stern holds on to the seventh spot he occupied last year.
The former America's Got Talent judge is currently part way through a five-year deal with Sirius XM Radio.

8. Coldplay - $88m (£69.33m)

Coldplay have done a huge tour 
Coldplay return to the list following the success of their worldwide Head Full of Dreams tour, which finished in Australia and New Zealand in December.
That's good news for the charity sector, as the band donate 10% of their profits to good causes.

9. James Patterson - $87m (£68.53m)

BOOKS James Patterson
James Patterson is writing a novel with Bill Clinton 
This author has published more than 130 titles in his name and is believed to be the world's best-selling living author.
Former US president Bill Clinton is currently writing a novel about the White House in collaboration with him.

10. LeBron James - $86m (£67.8m)

LeBron James has had tons of endorsements 
Probably the US's best-known basketball star, the Cleveland Cavaliers player's $31m (£24.4m) salary in 2016-17 made him only the third NBA player to earn $30m in a season after Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
He's also endorsed brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Beats by Dre.
11. Guns N' Roses $84million
12. Rush Limbaugh $84million
13. Justin Bieber $83.5million
14. Lionel Messi $80million
15. Dr. Phil McGraw $79million
16. Ellen DeGeneres $77million
17. Bruce Springsteen $75million
18. Adele $69million
19. Jerry Seinfeld $69million
20. Mark Wahlberg $68million
21. Metallica $66.5million
22. Dwayne Johnson $65million
23. Roger Federer $64million
24. David Copperfield $61.5million
25. Kevin Durant $60.6million
26. Garth Brooks $60million
27. Elton John $60million
28. Gordon Ramsay $60million
29. Ryan Seacrest $58million
30. Chris Rock $57million
31. Vin Diesel $54.5million
32. Paul McCartney $54million
33. Red Hot Chili Peppers $54million
34. Louis C.K. $52million
35. Jimmy Buffett $50.5million
36. Adam Sandler $50.5million
37. Andrew Luck $50million
38. Rory McIlroy $50million
39. Jackie Chan $49million
40. Calvin Harris $48.5million
41. Robert Downey Jr. $48million
42, Stephen Curry $47.3million
43. Dave Chappelle $47million
44. Judy Sheindlin $47million
45. James Harden $46.6million
46. Lewis Hamilton $46million
47. Kim Kardashian West $45.5million
48. Drew Brees $45.3million
49. Taylor Swift $44million
50. Simon Cowell $43.5million
51. Phil Mickelson $43.5million
52. Tom Cruise $43million
53. Kenny Chesney $42.5million
54. Steve Harvey $42.5million
55. Luke Bryan $42million
56. Celine Dion $42million
57. Jay-Z $42million
58. Sofia Vergara $41.5million
59. Kylie Jenner $41million
60. Bruno Mars $39million
61. Tiesto $39million
62. Russell Westbrook $38.6million
63. Sebastian Vettel $38.5million
64. Damian Lillard $38.4million
65. Shah Rukh Khan $38million
66. Jennifer Lopez $38million
67. The Chainsmokers $38million
68. Novak Djokovic $37.6million
69. Amy Schumer $37.5million
70. Tiger Woods $37.1million
71. Salman Khan $37million
72. Neymar $37million
73. Bill O'Reilly $37million
74. Dolly Parton $37million
75. Ed Sheeran $37million
76. Dwayne Wade $36.2million
77. Fernando Alonso $36million
78. Sean Hannity $36million
79. Rihanna $36million
80. Bon Jovi $35.5million
81. Akshay Kumar $35.5million
82. Billy Joel $35million
83. Dr. Dre $34.5million
84. Florida Georgia Line $34.5million
85. Toby Keith $34.5million
86. Jordan Spieth $34.5million
87. Derrick Rose $34.3million
88. Usain Bolt $34.2million
89. Gareth Bale $34million
90. Conor McGregor $34million
91. Britney Spears $34million
92. Kei Nishikori $33.9million
93. Fletcher Cox $33.4million
94. Clayton Kershaw $33.3million
95. Chance The Rapper $33million
96. Katy Perry $33million
97. Carmelo Anthony $32.6million
98. Jason Aldean $32.5million
99. Kevin Hart $32.5million
100. Zlatan Ibrahimovic $32million

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